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The Many Ways YA Books & The Community Isolates Teens

Originally posted on Vicky Who Reads:
I think (I know) some people will probably disagree with me on this, but a fundamental assumption made in this post is that first and…

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After Pittsburgh

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What to say? When I try to speak these days, it’s as if my words have been stolen from my throat, and all that is…

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Trans People Aren’t Mythical Creatures

Originally posted on Booktoss:
In research we often provide what is referred to as a positionality statement. It helps our readers understand who we are, how our experiences and identities…

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#MCRPop: The Little Bookstore That Could

Multiculturalism Rocks! Humble beginnings. 💚 I didn’t have much money. What I had was the burning desire to fill a big void in my community: the need for multicultural children’s … Continue reading

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Representation: Raising the Bar

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I write with the idea that teachers will read my scholarship. That includes peer reviewed articles, invited pieces, and this blog. So, when I write, I…

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Why Didn’t They Talk To You Privately? On “Call Out Culture” and Power Differentials

Originally posted on The Bias:
Header Image: “The 95 Twee-ses” by Annalee.So you’ve been called out. You are baffled. Shocked. Why would someone shame you in public like that? It…

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Interview and Resource on Family Separation and Detention

Originally posted on Latinxs in Kid Lit:
  Here at Latinxs in Kid Lit we are deeply concerned over the crisis at our southern border and the long-range effects that…

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Five Indigenous Speculative Fiction Authors You Should Be Reading

Originally posted on Dark Matters :

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Series Exhumes Out-of-Print Books by Black Authors

Originally posted on Longreads:
Since last January, author Michael A. Gonzales has been writing a monthly column for Catapult called “The Blacklist,” in which he rescues out-of-print texts by black…

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“What Happened to Your Generation?” A question for African American Parents and Grandparents.

via YOUNG GIFTED & (why I sometimes think twice about telling) BLACK

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