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Pins and Badges, Oh My!

Read this if you had questions about the safety pin issue. Read this if you have questions about what PoC are asking for and we are not terribly impressed that you are horrified by Donald Trump’s administrative choices. It will tell you why PoC aren’t surprised.


So, the presidential election happened. That’s a thing. It has been a week and a day and I am still thinking and reading and talking and listening. God, I am listening, even when I feel like my veins are on fire, I am listening.

I’m an academic. And, in academic writing we stress the need to provide context (see the first paragraph), be explicit with the issue or problem, and define our terms.

Problem statement– Liberal White america responded to electing that man* with pins. Marginalized america responded to the outpouring of pins with variations of, “What the hell?”, “That’s not enough.” and “?!?!*^%^###!!!{}”. White america is now freaking out about our response to the pins.
White america – When I refer to White america I am purposefully referring to White, middle/upper class, cis-gender, straight, abled, neuro-typical  Americans. It is short hand. It is a generalization.
Marginalized america – Yeah…

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